A global digital agency scaling personalised communications through bespoke technology.

Native, our own A.I. powered creative delivery platform, releases our people to do what they do best - insight, intelligence and ideas.


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Inspiring over 170 million eBay customers every single day

eBay relies on Feed to conceive, shape, create, and deliver transformative campaigns at scale to a massive global customer group.

Native, our bespoke A.I. powered creative delivery platform, helps eBay move their marketing at the speed of retail, and trade their platform in real-time around the globe.

We produce over 220 campaigns and 2,500 assets a month, in 7 different languages – that’s no small feat, especially when every single one of those communications is error-free.

64% more customers
for Gumtree

We started from understanding the data and implementing SalesForce Marketing Cloud to build a new CRM strategy based on a recency and frequency model. Translating Gumtree’s data-rich base of registered users into 19 new segments gave us our opportunity for growth.

We developed new types of BAU communications, creative, templating and targeting strategies, driven by data and systematic test and learn. Now highly-targeted campaigns drive specific business goals, each with the aim to nurture, engage and drive traffic.

Our modern, data-enriched CRM programme helps Gumtree reach 6.6 million people every month.

Keeping over 100,000 subscribers active

Virgin Active needed a CRM strategy as innovative, versatile and bespoke as the Clubs themselves. Through in-depth data profiling, we created a highly-personalised email experience that brought the brand to life through tangible benefits.

Members could discover new classes and activities based on personal interests or targets, and use real-time fitness data to track their goals. The result was genuine personal engagement at scale, and a big rise in club participation and retention.


We are Feed, a thriving global digital agency scaling creative, personalised communications through clever people and bespoke technology. Powered by Native a bespoke technology suite, our team of 184 people across five offices in Europe and the US create flawless creative and transformative campaigns for the world’s largest brands at speed and scale.

We’re reinventing the agency model for the world we and our clients are moving towards at speed.

Rob Armstrong
Chairman and Founder
Matt Lynch
Steven Bennett-Day
Account Director
Online Merchandiser
Technical Manager
Account Manager
Technical Operations Director
Account Manager
Head of Curation, Trends & Merchandise
Creative Director


The Feed team is made up of innovative specialists in creativity, strategy, content and technology. Combining these skills with Native, our bespoke A.I. powered creative delivery platform, is helping Feed re-invent the agency model for the new marketing world that our clients are moving towards at speed.

A world where creativity is delivered with value and at speed through automation, without sacrificing quality.

  • CX + CRM
  • All interface design and development
  • Onsite marketing
  • Email design and development
  • Social media marketing
  • Display advertising
  • SEO
  • CX Design
  • UX Design
  • Channel Innovation
  • CRM Strategy
  • Data & Analytics
  • Retail Curation & Experience


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  • Workflow, Process and Efficiency Tools
  • Marketing Technology Platforms
  • Customer Integrations

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Native is our own A.I. powered creative delivery platform. It’s what makes Feed unique.

It combines a suite of hyper-efficient, smart technology products with the skills of our people, releasing them to do what they do best – insight, intelligence and ideas. Through Native, we take the best of machines, the best of technology and amplify the best of the human.

The result is flawless mass-scale digital communications for the world’s largest brands, who need to talk to millions of customers in a personalised way across multiple mediums, every day.

  • Benefits
  • Achievements

– Hugely reduced asset origination and rollout times.

– Cloud-based, collaborative creative application.

– Automated digital asset production for email, onsite and display with built-in QA.

– Competitor insight and intelligence gathering.

– A.I. powered copy performance, prediction and optimisation.

– Dynamic personalisation of content rendered at open.

– Automated trafficking – currently over 48 Million impressions per day, globally.

– Saving a client a seven-figure sum on agency fees every year.

– Delivering over 2,500 campaigns each year without a single error.

– Onboarding a new six-figure scope of work across 7 markets in 90 days.

– Reducing an asset’s time to market for a retailer from 2 weeks to 2 minutes.


This is where the speed and scale really dial up, by automating the creation of multiple digital assets. Our creatives check them for brand consistency, then each asset goes live for a test period. The most successful execution is then pushed front and centre, optimising the campaign for best results.


This automates the trafficking of onsite static assets, display and email campaigns. Assets can be dynamically served, rendered and updated. The distribution can also be personalised using customer data and profiling, to deliver highly-targeted campaigns.


If you’re interested in stimulating new thinking to encourage you and your organisation to thrive
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